When you eat a meatball done by a machine, it’s like eating a golf ball or rubber ball. That’s why we make ours by hand every. single. day. One of the secrets of making a meatball is all in the hand work – never packing or rolling too much. You gotta’ toss it back and forth, letting it naturally mold together. My meatballs always have a flat side because my Grandmother used to always tell me – “you don’t want it fallin’ on the floor, do ya’?”

My Grandmother’s meatball recipe is…well if I told ya, I’d have to kill you. But I can tell you that our meatballs are made with 100% beef. I remember my Grandmother used to say the reason she never used veal or pork was because only the poor families used that. Well I continued that tradition.

Curious about my meatballs? Come check ’em out. You’ll be full after one, but always eat more.